Thursday, November 18, 2010


Motor : .Rp. 23 jt
Location : cirebon JABAR.
Date : 16 November 2010

JUAL MOGE KAISAR RUBY 250CC (E)kab. Cirebon, kilometer masih 1200, jarangpake jauh, kondisi lengkap seperti dari dealer, tameng kaca depan, dan box kiri - kanan asli masih ada (saya lepas dan disimpan dengan utuh)hargaRp23juta, NEGOOO. HUB:HP.088802261666. Lainnya. Model: HARLEY DAVIDSON.: Bekas. Tahun buat: 2008. Kilometer: 1200. HITAM. Harga: Rp. 23 Juta. Harga Nego. contact:.yono randu. No. Telepon: 088802261666. Penjual: Pribadi. Kode Pos: 45144. Kirim Email. Kota: cirebon. Lokasi: JABAR.

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Harley Davidson - MOGE KAISARRUBY 250cc

Price : Rp. 23.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Lainnya Bekas.
Seller :Contact : cirebon JABAR..

SELL MOGE EMPEROR RUBY 250cc (E) district. Cirebon, miles still 1200, jarangpake far, complete condition such as from a dealer, shields, windscreen, and the left box - the original right is still there (I was off and stored in one piece) hargaRp23juta, NEGOOO. HUB: HP.088802261666. Music. Models: Harley Davidson.: Ex. Year created: 2008. Kilometers: 1200. BLACK. Price: Rp. 23 Million. Price Negotiable. contact:. yono cottonwoods. No. Phone: 088 802 261 666. Seller: Private. Postal Code: 45144. Send Email. City: Cirebon. Location: JABAR.

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